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Political Posters

The posters are sized A4 (21 x 29.7cm, 8 1/4"x 11 3/4") and are printed on 270gm paper.  The posters are priced at 3.00 each.

Each poster is a replicate of an original political poster in the Historystore Archives.  The text to the right of each image is a copy of the text on the poster. All the images on this page are copyright to Historystore Limited.  

Postage & Packaging: UK - up to 25.00 + 3.99 / Over 25.00 + 4.99 Overseas - 8.99

Wholesale buyers please contact us by email or telephone +44 (0)1258 880841 for a wholesale


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Englishman Plays the Game, PP7

Stowmarket Division General Election, 1910.

Don't be Misled by the Lies about Old Age Pensions.

Show your disapproval of UN-ENGLISH AND DIRTY TACTICS BY VOTING FOR G. A. HARDY Who is a Thorough ENGLISHMAN and Plays the Game.

Printed and Published by W. Boughton and Sons, Ltd., Thetford.

Liberal Treachery, PP8

            The pauper in the Workhouse No Pension has to-day,
Because, "your good friend Hardy" says,
            The Nation could not pay the extra sum to let such poor
            Enjoy their tail of life,
            And have again a cottage home in comfort with the wife.
When good Balfour tried to bring a better change about,
Your Member with his LIB'RAL FRIENDS
Rose up and "chucked it out";
For why, they said, should pauper poor
            (And this I beg you'll note),
Be treated just like other poor-

Vote for Goldsmith and the Old-Age Pension for ALL THE AGED POOR.
Printed & Published by the "Bury Post" Co. (Ltd.), Abbeygate St., Bury St, Ed's.-C.Kent, Manager.

Marm. Arlington, PP9

     GENTLEMEN, The Honorable CHARLES ANDERSON PELHAM again offers himself as your Representative in Parliament at the next Election. In doing so, he has no private views to gratify: he stands on the ground of his tried and unremitting attention to you interests in Parliament, of his public opinions, and his own private respectability and character, which are sufficient pledges of his supporting all attainable improvements in the Country.
     It is MR. PELHAM'S anxious wish that it should be clearly understood by all Parties, that he is wholly unconnected with any other Candidate; and that he is decidedly opposed to any alteration in the CORN LAWS  that may prove injurious to the AGRICULTURAL interests of the Country.
     The Committee hope that the knowledge you have of his principles and conduct will induce you again to put him in the honorable situation of your Representative.
     Gentlemen who favour Mr. Pelham with their Interest, are requested to address their communications to his Committee at the King's Head Inn, Louth; or to any of this Professional Agents there.
     By order of the Committee, MARM. ALINGTON. Chairman.Committee-Room, Louth, 18th July, 1832.

Yours in Chains, PP10

     When under oppression, who will not complain?  Our new Candidate Sir R. Sheffield, has at last put himself fairly in the lists, and his opinions also,--cheer up!  Dear companions in Slavery!  We are soon to be free:--I would gladly say now is the time, but our Landlords must know best;--we have no right to think for ourselves, or feel oppression; - I am compelled to groan this in secret, or I should lose my Farm.
     Alas!!  My old Friend, poor Sir W. Ingilby, has nothing but our hearts, our votes go elsewhere;-  I am an Old Man, and ONE VOTE I WILL GIVE HIM IF I LOSE MY FARM FOR IT.  I attended a Sir William meeting the other day at Alford, and was well pleased with the remarks of his Friends, as well as their unanimity, when oh!  I blush to write it!  A Lusty Champion of Sir Robert's in answer to a remark, roared out: "it's a Lie," "Its False," bless me!  How the company were astonished, they seemed to think, as I thought, that nothing but Truth had been spoken, but I am a dependent voter and have no right to judge; yet it grieved my heart to hear a Gentleman by Profession, use such language in so respectable a company and not offer an apology for his rudeness.
     Yours in Chains,  A BROTHER VOTER.
July 13th, 1832.  H. Hurton, Printer, Mercer-Row, Louth.

Lost, PP11
LOST Awhile ago the CONSCIENCES of the greater part of the Canvassers and Agents of Sir Robt. S-d Bart, also the Temper and Discretion of the whole of the said Party.  It is said of Sir Robert's "Lusty Champion" entirely lost the whole of his, at the Windmill in Alford, on the 10th of July last.  As these severe losses operate very much against Sir Robert's success, it is hoped that the other parties will in courtesy cease Canvassing for awhile.  Large Rewards will be given on the restoration of any of the above requisites, (except those of the "Lusty Champion," they being considered by him of little value).  Apply to MOTHER SHIPTON, opposite the Town Pump Alford, or any other of Sir Robert's Officious Friends.
     WANTED  Instantly, 100 new canvassers for Sir Robert to take the places of the Gentry who have suffered such losses as totally incapacitate them for further service.  None need apply whose consciences are at all tender.  Wages good providing the character fits the Office.
     The few Managers who feel themselves at all competent, take this opportunity of saying, that they should be glad to dispose of the Interest (principal there is none) of Sir Robert and his party in this concern, it would be offered as the Drapers say, a DECIDED BARGAIN.  Application as above, or to those who hold Sir Robert's Subscription Purse, (they being afraid that its contents will be expended to no purpose that will answer their ends,) of to Sir Robert himself poor fellow, who has every reason to be heartily sick of Job.
     P.S.  More trouble still,-another serious loss,-an active and zealous young Collegian has disappeared, he was seen as late as Saturday Night last at Hogsthorpe, with a Pink Ribbon at his Buttonhole, but made a Bolt on hearing the Crier announce, "No Sheffield Wasters wanted here."
August 6th, 1832.

Shameful Treatment, PP12
OLD AGE PENSIONS ACT.  Shameful Treatment of the AGED POOR by the RADICAL PARTY.
     Every honourable Politician readily admits that the Old Age Pensions Act (except where it is Defective and Unjust) is practically MR. CHAMBERLAIN'S MEASURE, and was passed by the aid of ALL PARTIES in the House of Commons.  The Supporters of the present Government are, however, trying to make Political Capital out of it by PROFESSING SYMPATHY with the Poor.
     Are they Straightforward or even Honest in doing this?  Read the following and JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES:-
     Section 3 of the Old Age Pensions Act, 1908, was Specially inserted by the Radical Government to DEBAR ALL POOR PEOPLE in receipt of Parochial Relief from the right to an Old Age Pension.
     In order to remedy this flagrant injustice to our AGED POOR, Mr. W. C. BRIDGEMAN, CONSERVATIVE M.P. for Oswestry, on June 29th, 1908, when the Bill was before the House of Commons, MOVED AN AMENDMENT to the effect thatALL POOR OLD MEN AND WOMEN in receipt of Out-door should HAVE AND OLD AGE PENSION.  148 MEMBERS of the House of Commons, headed by MR. A. J. BALFOUR, M.P., VOTED FOR IT.
     On the other hand, 256 Radical Members of the House of Commons, at the instigation of Mr, Lloyd George, including MR. G. A. HARDY, M.P. (STOWMARKET); VOTED AGAINST THE PENSION BEING GRANTED TO THESE POOR OLD PEOPLE, and they are consequently DISQUALIFIED by the deliberate vote of the Radical majority in the House of Commons FROM BEING INCLUDED in the List of Pensioners.
Printed and Published by the Bury Post Company (ltd.), 19, Abbeygate Street, Bury St. Edmund's.-Chas.Kent, Manager.

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