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Political Posters

The posters are sized A4 (21 x 29.7cm, 8 1/4"x 11 3/4") and are printed on 270gm paper.  The posters are priced at 3.00 each.

Each poster is a replicate of an original political poster in the Historystore Archives.  The text to the right of each image is a copy of the text on the poster. All the images on this page are copyright to Historystore Limited.  

Postage & Packaging: UK - up to 25.00 + 3.99 / Over 25.00 + 4.99 Overseas - 8.99

Wholesale buyers please contact us by email or telephone +44 (0)1258 880841 for a wholesale


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Certain Noble Lord, PP1
Wanted Immediately about a dozen Able-Bodied Men, to carry a certain noble Lord. 
From the Hustings every Night, who will meet with constant employment, if they can only prove that they are possessed of the following qualifications:-
     1st, They must be determined to create all the riot and confusion in their power.
     2nd, They must insult every person who does not wear their master's colours with the most gross abuse.
     3rd, They must prove, upon satisfactory evidence, that they are men entirely destitute of all principle, that they can neither read nor write; and, having no Character to lose, are determined to devote the rest of their days to the service of the aforesaid Lord.
     Any Person who can answer to these questions will be immediately engaged, and if he has been refused the office of Hangman, will be taken into his Lordship's especial favour.
     N.B.- They must be very strong men, and not afraid of a broken Head, as his Lordship has been subject to fits from his infancy; during the continuance of which, he is very mischievous.
Davison, Printer, Alnwick.

Blenky, PP2
A new Mode of Manufacturing Votes.
     A READY METHOD of manufacturing Votes to any extent, was brought to light on Saturday last, before the worthy Assessor.  An Instrument was produced, which qualified certain Tenants to vote in that far-famed Ward of Tindale, upon the Estate of a well-known Colonel.  This DEED, conveying a Right to vote, was dated in the year 1820, but the water-mark upon the paper, strange to tell!  Bore the date of 1824!!!
     Freeholders!  I beseech you, reflect upon the last severe contest, and upon the share this Gallant, this Honourable Son of Mars, had in contributing to the triumph of the Blue Candidate.  In this desperate struggle, I call upon you again to judge for yourselves.  Your indignation cannot but be roused!  Wrest, then, the object of your choice from the grasp of such Hands.
     Quere.  Where were these Patent voters last Election?  Why were they not brought to the Pollin so Needful an hour?
J.Graham, Printer, Alnwick.

Blue Electors of Lindsey,

To the Electors of the Parts of Lindsey, in the County of Lincoln. 

It having been reported that I am adverse to the CORN LAWS, I beg thus publicly to contradict the assertion, and to assure the ELECTORS that I am decidedly opposed to any alteration therein that may prove injurious to the AGRICULTURAL interests of the Country.

I have the Honor to be GENTLEMEN,
Your obedient and faithful Servant, Charles Anderson PELHAM.

MANBY, July 23rd 1832North, Printer, Alford.

Farmers of Lincoln, PP4

To the Independent ELECTORS of the Northern Division of the County of Lincoln.

If you have not read MR. HENRY WILSON'S defence of Sir William Ingilby, make haste and do so!  With true professional skill he endeavours to make the worse appear the better, and the better appear the worse; but he cannot so far impose upon your understandings, as to make you believe the YORKSHIRE BARONET Voted against your Elective Franchise, in order to make you Five times more Independence and Free?-No! the effect of that Vote, was to give the Commercial Interest Five times the advantage over yours.

FARMERS!  Look well to it ere it be too late.-Sire William, (he says,) "has been long tried"-but in vain, and if you value your own Interests, you will try him no longer!!!

July 10th, 1832.  North, Printer, Alford.
Anti-Humbug, PP5 To the DEPENDENT ELECTORS, of the Divison of LINDSEY.
Dear Brothers,
The Independent Electors are often honoured with an Address, but never before the present enlightened age was it thought necessary publicly to address the "Dependent Electors."  They have I suppose groaned in secret, but a Brother Elector, professing to do the same, is not satisfied without groaning aloud, and, like most of the Class to which I conceive he belongs, groaning without any moaning.  "Alas! He is an Old Man, and one Vote he will give to Sir W. Ingilby, if he loses his Farm for it."  Wonderful Patriotism! All that a reasonable Man can conclude from this, is that either this "Poor Old Man" is superannuated or his Farm too dear.  He says that he was well pleased with the remarks of Sir W. Ingilby's Friends at Alford, and when the Zeal and Loquacity of Sir William's Friends lead them headlong to gull and gaping Audience with misstatements, the "Poor Old Man" affected to Blush, that they should be called to order;--no doubt, he, like the Clamorous Speaker and the rest of the Brotherhood, would mildly call it a mistake; but when a Man impudently dares to impose upon a Company a statement without any foundation, merely to answer his own ends, the "Dear Brother" may call it by what smooth name he likes, but in the language of "Sir Robert's Lusty Champion," and in the language of every straight forward honest Man, it would be called "A LIE" however the Old Man's Heart may be grieved.  Now I will just hint at the consistency and kind Brotherly feeling of the Class to which I strongly suspect the "Dear Brother Voter" belongs.  A certain respectable Individual at Alford, went over, some time ago, to Ripley Castle, to solicit the Interest of the YORKSHIRE HERO, for the Mastership of a School there;-- the Noble Baronet "ROARED OUT," "are you a Methodist?  Because I had rather have the DEVIL than a METHODIST, I could deal with him, but I could do nothing with a Methodist."-And yet, "Oh! I blush to write it!!!"  This very worthy Class are the main supporters, and most strenuous advocates for the OLD FRIEND, POOR SIR WILLIAM, who with indiscribable ingenuity, they couple with the KING, LAWS, and LIBERTY.
Yours in Chains, (With false Links,)
July 17th, 1832.  North, Printer, Alford.

Goldsmith, PP6

Vote for GOLDSMITH an advocate of TARIFF REFORM and a THOROUGH SUPPORTER of Old-Age Pensions for ALL the AGED POOR.

Printed and Published by the "Bury and Norwich Post" Company, Ltd., 19, Abbeygate Street, Bury St.  Edmund's-Chas. Kent, Manager.

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