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cat: Agriculture/Horticulture

Advertising flyer for John Cripps, 204 Piccadilly, near St. James's Church, with four engraved views of his Invisible Fence for enclosing Pleasure Grounds by Silvester, 27 Strand. c. 1820
John Cripps £40.00

cat: Agriculture/Horticulture

Invoice from T & G Tweedie, Annan Steam Power Bone Mills & Chemical Manure Manufactory, with vignette of shipping in front of works 1873. Slight ageing.
T & G Tweedie £20.00

cat: Agriculture/Horticulture

Invoice on folded sheet from W. & T. Hutton, Nurserymen, Seedsmen & Florists, Carlisle, offering Green House Plants, Vines in Pots, Dutch Flower Roots etc with engraved vignette of conservatory in garden setting by Lebas of Birmingham. Detailed list of plants supplied to the Revd. Sir C Musgrave including Royal George Peaches, Red Magdalen, Noblesse, Violet Native Nectarine and rhododendrons with separate ms receipt 1830 ***
W & T Hutton £34.00

cat: Agriculture/Horticulture

Folded leaflet on blue paper for Lloyd's New Style High Wheel "Pennsylvania" lawn mower with testimonials for 1900 and inside view of machine with prices ***
Lloyd's Pennsylvania Lawn Mower £38.00

cat: Agriculture/Horticulture

Letter on headed paper from S.D. Woodruff & Sons, Seed Merchant, Orange, Connecticut, with quotation for peas and beans and colour vignette of onion at head. 1918 ***
S.D. Woodruff £16.00

cat: Armed Forces

Printed Bill of Exchange with ms insertions dated Lisbon 16th August 1811 for £100 on account of 'Extraordinary Expenses of His Majesty's Forces' addressed to the Treasury ** (minor ageing)
Lisbon Bill of Exchange £28.00